"The beauty in this world is that when we recognize everything as energy, that WE are the Divine Light, we realize that we are the creators of Heaven on Earth."


In my years of practice, I helped many different people on how they could help themselves by deepening their understanding of life, energy, power, and spirituality.

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Best Selling Books:

sacred text
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Sacred Text

An inspiring and intimate look into the private world of Twin Flames, Sacred Text is a record of inspiring correspondences between Igor and Catalina, Igor’s sacred partner. This book elevates what it means to be in Sacred Partnership and opens a conduit to Divine Love in those who read it. [ Learn More ]

activate thyself

Activate Thyself

A retelling of Igor’s wild and unexpected personal journey through the multidimensionality of the cosmos and how he returned with a complex understanding of how to master one’s energy system in order to become fully self-realized. With tools and techniques to activate one's full potential, Activate Thyself entertains at the same time that it entrains the reader to their highest Divine self. [ Learn More ]

Ongoing Alignment Evenings in Philadelphia

Join us for monthly for a spiritual gathering. Learn to tap into your multidimensionality to access your innate brilliance! A meditation, healing event, lecture and celebration! Coming soon...

Activate THYSELF!

Join Igor in this hands on workshop and learn to master your energetic body to live as your multidimensional self.

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Welcome to your Multidimensional Self

Igor Galibov

Welcome. Perhaps you’ve been feeling there’s more for you than what you’re currently experiencing. Maybe you sense a potential that you’ve yet to tap into. You’ve come to the right place. Here, you will find tools and resources to propel you forward on your spiritual journey into the heart-space of realization. You will learn to tap into the multidimensionality of your true nature, and you will begin to live so fully from the heart that everything else in your life falls into a natural and effortless flow.

I developed these teachings over the last fifteen years as I learned to integrate my personality with my highest self. I began operating from the dynamic Truth of the present moment to create absolute miracles in my life.

Whether it’s wealth, health, better relationships, or just an overall sense of well being, whatever it is that you’re seeking, here you will find tried and true resources to help you realize it. As you align your life with the blueprint of your soul, you will come into harmony with all that you are seeking. Your desires will radiate from your innate self, no longer bound by the perception of a personality that was created by your surrounding circumstances. You will begin to operate from the space of the heart with such alignment that you will naturally create perfection in your life.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles

Activate Thyself

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New York city
New York

Activate Thyself

Sat, June 06, 2020 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM EDT
San Diego
San Diego

Activate Thyself

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IGOR SHARES HIS Awaking Journey

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sunset view

Waking up to Reality

It is not easy to be awakened to reality so abruptly. At first, I was not able to understand the feelings and emotions coming through my body. All I knew was that something changed within me. I am no longer the person that I was before. I felt things that were formerly invisible to me. I unlocked a power that I didn’t know I have. Initially, being in the physical world felt so painful that I had to lock myself away. Now that I understand my ability, I wish to share it with the rest of the world.

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