Mastery of Thyself Retreat –  Transformation & Light Body Activation

Immerse yourself in the higher vibration of your Soul’s light and love for a weekend of transformation and connection. Mastery of Thyself (Light Body Activation)

Join us September 9th- 18th  for a 10-day spiritual pilgrimage following the initiative path through the sacred sites of Egypt. 𓋹

TO REGISTER or to receive more information contact Ari at or text 619-451-2293

Egyptian temples were built over sacred grid points and are designed to activate ascension codes, higher consciousness, transcendental wisdom & access inter-dimensional Stargates that connect us to our cosmic family. We will be accessing these sacred sites in the proper initiatory sequence to create rapid shifts in your physical body, energy bodies, and consciousness.

This excursion includes a 4-day cruise down the Nile River, Private Access to multiple sites (including the Great Pyramid of Giza), 4 & 5-star accommodations, and so much more.𓂀 Only a $500 deposit is required to secure your spot.


Weekly Alignment of Light Mediation Support Group

Every Tuesday 930pm est / 630pm pst

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This supportive community will gather weekly for a guided meditation and open conversation afterwards to  connect and share. We go through many realizations and experiences that create questions during our development as the unification of fractals within the consciousness takes place.

We are here to embrace the space of empowering and express the Divine as we share our unique gift of unconditional LOVE.

Please enjoy this Powerful Emotional Body Guided Meditation

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Previous Events

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Mastery of Thyself – Virtual Retreat
January 20-22, 2023

Immerse yourself in the higher vibration of your Soul’s light and Flow with love for a weekend of transformation and connection. FLOW, November 10th, 2022.

Igor Galibov will guide you on an unprecedented journey of self-development to achieve new levels of alignment, understanding the quantum field and your life purpose through the effortless Flow of Love. This is the perfect opportunity to step back from your daily life, take time to realign, reconnect, and dedicate yourself to a peaceful Flow with movement, meditation, music, mindfulness and exploration of your higher dimensions.

The retreat will be three nights & days of:

  • Chi Qi-Gong
  • Meditation
  • 12 Chakra & DNA Activation
  • Energy Body Alignment & Expansion
  • Light Code Alignment & Activation
  • Higher-Self Alignment
  • Karma Transmutation
  • Breath Work
  • Sound Healing
  • Nutritional Vegan Meals
  • With many practical tools for everyday living

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