Welcome to your Multidimensional Self

The tools you will find here will activate the supreme power of your multidimensionalism. As you step into your soul’s alignment, you will begin to experience your full potential in life. Joy and excitement will become commonplace as you achieve greater success in all areas.


You will leave our Workshops with practical tools and techniques to help balance and energize your entire system on all levels (physical, spiritual, and emotional).

Online Course

Your health, wealth, and the success of your life all hinge on the vitality of your energetic body flow. This course will give you full ownership of your being by guiding you on how to master the energetic structures in your body that determines every aspect of your life.


Whether you are new to meditation or have a daily practice... you have found the Alignment Of Light Mediations at just the right time... enjoy

Weekly Alignment of Light Mediation Support Group

Every Tuesday 8pm est / 5pm pst

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This supportive community will gather weekly for a guided meditation and open conversation afterwards to  connect and share. We go through many realizations and experiences that create questions during our development as the unification of fractals within the consciousness takes place.

We are here to embrace the space of empowering and express the Divine as we share our unique gift of unconditional LOVE.

Please enjoy this Powerful Emotional Body Guided Meditation

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See what our clients have to say about us by reading some of the testimonials they sent. If you like to share your experience in working with us, you are more than welcome to send your testimonials.


Los Angeles

"I took this class at a time when my life was falling apart & I was lost. Igor became my teacher, spiritual mentor & friend. His unique style of teaching, helped me to become my higher self & stop being affected by any turmoil in my life. So many things i learned including how to heal myself, deal with life & made some lifelong friends. It gave me confidence in myself & lessons that are still so relevant everyday. This class was completely life changing for me! I would recommend this to anyone & everyone!"




"I am grateful for this course for creating a sacred space for healing my multi-dimensional self and opening the pathway of self-trust to feel the peacefulness of my true existence. My heart is forever grateful as I learned to become the true observer of my own life. It’s now a joyful experience to see reality with a renewed awareness & appreciation for all that is. Forever grateful."



Los Angeles

"Working with Igor has been the most life changing thing I could’ve ever done. I’m forever grateful for his love, teachings and guidance always. He is truly a special light worker that is here to help us all transform into a better version of ourselves. Thank you Igor again, infinite love for you always!"