Learn, have fun and BOND with your Starseed Child

In this ONE OF A KIND spiritual retreat for New Earth parents and kids, you and your child will:

** learn how to build a strong transparent relationship, grounded in the vibrations of divine love and truth
** be able to understand each other’s needs and realities
** bond the souls of parents and children
** learn how to integrate the high vibrations star children are born with
** activate and integrate your inner child
** have a good time with your children in a healthy environment

Parents of Indigo Children, Crystal Children & Rainbow children know they have an unusually gifted child – whether it is their exceptional gifts or their overly aggressive and disruptive tendencies mixed with genius intelligence, this retreat will provide guidance and enlightenment on raising and understanding the different types of Star Children.

The “new kids”, who are otherwise known as star kids, rainbow, crystal, or indigo’s, are souls who due to the continually rising vibration of the earth and humanity are able to come into the physical realm maintaining a higher vibration.

The crystal, rainbow and indigo children (and adults) are able to embody more of the authentic truth of their authentic spiritual, divine, and multidimensional self, and are here on the planet with a strong purpose.

The innate higher vibrational frequency of the indigo’s, crystals, and rainbows supports them in accomplishing their divine blueprint and life purpose as spiritual beings in physical form.


Lectures, Workshops & Activities

** Fun bonding energetic games
** Emotional healing
** Aligning with your Higher Self
** Yoga for parents & children
** Guided Meditations
** Breathing exercises
** Sound Healing in the Acoustic Dome Room
** Creative Dance
** Exploring Chakras
** Shamanic rituals & ceremonies (cacao, temazcal, full moon)
** Expanding Consciousness with nature (connecting with the lush tropical surroundings and healing cenotes)
** Much more (flexible program depending on the group energy)


1 Parent + 1 Child Package: $500
2 Parents + 1 Child Package: $650
Additional Child: +$100


Lectures and Workshops ONLY
Shamanic Ceremonies are subject to interest and incur an additional (small) cost – please indicate if you are interested in participating in any rituals at the time of your reservation

* FLIGHTS, TRANSPORTATION, ACCOMMODATIONS & MEALS ARE NOT INCLUDED – please make separate arrangements. For more details email Igor Galibov or Catalina De Leon


1 – To confirm attendance, email alignment@igorgalibov.com or catlovesyoga@gmail.com

2 – To book accommodations, contact Tulum Holistica (www.holistikatulum.com), or other hotels nearby if you prefer.

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