Activate Thyself! the Power Is within You!

Workshop Part1

Workshop Part2

Your health, wealth and the success of your relationships all hinge on the vitality of your energetic body. This interactive hands on workshop will give you full ownership of your being by teaching you how to master the energetic structures in your body that determine every aspect of your life.

You will leave with practical tools and techniques to help balance and energize your entire system on all levels (physical, spiritual, and emotional) and will learn how to open communication between you and the higher realms, such as your higher self and other multidimensional beings that are here to asist your evolution, in order to access the guidance and support you need to live your most miraculous life.

Get to the source of your symptoms of lack, poor health, and challenging relationships and create from the place of your innate power. Watch your life reflect your new state of balance all around you.

This workshop includes:

  • Activation of your physical body

Future workshops will cover:

  • Activation of your divine vision
  • Activation of your energy body

Upcoming In Person Workshops 

Los Angeles
Los Angeles

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