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Jina · November 15, 2019 at 5:26 am

I have been attending Igor’s Meetups and series of Self Sustainable classes since 2016. My ideas about spirituality have become solidified and clarified through his teachings. The first day I showed up at his building, I didn’t have much idea about what meditation and spiritual practices were all about, and if I did, my understanding has matured in a right direction and in such a graceful way (I feel that I have come closer to my truth, which put me at ease with and gave me a deeper understanding of life experiences)

Through certain circumstances and some acquaintances, I have become exposed to and interested in metaphysics and meditation. During my journey of learning and discovering the related information and knowledge, there were times when I had been led to a lot of confusion, having stumbled upon some not so high teachings — teachings based on fear and separation. Igor’s teaching and classes gently guided me to clarity and expansion of my consciousness. It became so clear to me that the mind is a hindrance to our human experiences, preventing us from experiencing what we are supposed to experience on this earth until it gets purified.

The main teachings of Igor are based on oneness, heart-centeredness and purifying our belief system and our mind. I wasn’t sure in the beginning how to experience this. As my understanding of it deepened, guided by his teaching combined with my own research, I got closer to experiencing this state (but I can only be in that state for a very short period of time. I am still working on this path. Being in a human form is such a challenge😅)

I appreciated Igor’s eagerness very much to answer all our questions. He always encouraged us to ask questions so that we can learn from each other’s inquiry. I am so grateful for that because I had so many questions in the beginning ranging from the spiritual realm to human experiences, to extraterrestrials, to energetics of our being, covering a wide spectrum of consciousness. These days, I have a hard time coming up with questions. With his teaching and my other sources of learning, my mind has become rather silent about the why’s and what’s of human experiences.

I see Igor as a teacher and also as a student constantly working on himself, wanting to expand ever more. I am so grateful that he has such a deep desire to share with us his knowledge and tools of attaining higher consciousness where we can live as our truthful self, connected to our higher self as an eternal being.

I look forward to the future teachings of Igor. Thank you, Igor, for your desire for teaching and sharing and all that you have taught us.

Perez · November 15, 2019 at 5:27 am

I am grateful for this course for creating a sacred space for healing my multi-dimensional self and opening the pathway of self-trust to feel the peacefulness of my true existence. My heart is forever grateful as I learned to become the true observer of my own life. It’s now a joyful experience to see reality with a renewed awareness & appreciation for all that is. Forever grateful.

Yemi · November 15, 2019 at 5:28 am

Working with Igor has been the most life changing thing I could’ve ever done. I’m forever grateful for his love, teachings and guidance always. He is truly a special light worker that is here to help us all transform into a better version of ourselves. Thank you Igor again, infinite love for you always!

Kim · November 15, 2019 at 5:29 am

I took this class at a time when my life was falling apart & I was lost. Igor became my teacher, spiritual mentor & friend. His unique style of teaching, helped me to become my higher self & stop being affected by any turmoil in my life. So many things i learned including how to heal myself, deal with life & made some lifelong friends. It gave me confidence in myself & lessons that are still so relevant everyday. This class was completely life changing for me! I would recommend this to anyone & everyone!

Supriya · November 15, 2019 at 5:30 am

Igor is very powerful in seeing and moving energy. In his classes I experienced such deep meditative states of joy and Oneness. He has the ability to see where my blockages were and help remove them. Very practical and esoteric wisdom in his classes take you thru the levels of healing and have helped me to expand into being a clear and open channel for the divine to operate in my life.

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